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Are you deferring your eyewear decisions to a third party friend or family member based on a selfie? If so, you may be wearing your friends’ personal style or worse…you may have invested in a beautiful new frame and the best prescription lenses to frame your beautiful eyes and then you just don’t love them.

Eyewear is one of the most visible accessories we wear and one of the first things that people will notice when they meet you. Unfortunately, a self portrait on a smart phone simply does not accurately reflect colours making it difficult to see if the frame is harmonizing with hair colour, complexion, eyes and wardrobe colours. The second problem is that often the photo may be shortening or elongating the facial features depending on the angle and distance that the selfie was captured. This distortion will then give a inaccurate view of balance and proportion. The third thing that is totally missing from a Selfie is the body language that is captured when you wear a frame, look in a full length mirror and see your entire body and how you embrace (or not) the new look. If you love it, you stand taller, feel more confident and your face lights up with a big smile. As an Eyewear Image Consultant, this is the best part to watch!!!

Please don’t trust such an important decision to a selfie. In all fairness, to both your friends and your Optician, invite the person whose opinion you value to be part of the entire eyewear selection process. They will enjoy the opportunity to “see” the real live you and truly help you achieve a “spectacular” look. You will receive lots of compliments and most importantly, your new eyewear will reflect your personality and you will love them too!